Video: Whale narrowly misses kayakers

  • 17/04/2016

A humpback whale narrowly missed two kayakers when it surfaced in Vancouver's English Bay last Sunday.

The humpback had been spotted feeding off-shore for days, and John Olynyk and Wade Peeler paddled out in search of a closer look, according to The Star.

The video shows still, calm waters as the pair wait, all of a sudden to be shocked as a tail emerges just metres from Mr Peeler.

The humpback whale then swam under the kayak.

In the video, Mr Olynyk can be heard shouting, "Dude that was the most epic shot ever! I got it! That was amazing."

Mr Olynyk wrote on YouTube the whale had not surfaced for a while and the pair was unsure of where it was.

"My heart started racing when I saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy, I knew it must be close.

"This was the most amazing wildlife experience of my life, a true bucket-list moment. You can hear in my voice how excited I was."