Video: Wingsuiter flies through burning ring of fire

  • 14/05/2016

The extreme sport of wingsuiting became even more extreme when Italian Uli Emanuele flew through a burning ring of fire.

The video, made for camera company GoPro, was filmed in the Italian Alps.

It shows a team trekking through snow with gas cylinders to set up the ring of burners.

The team then radios up to Mr Emanuele, perched on a cliff edge, and tells him to jump.

The point-of-view footage shows his rapid approach and perfect aim as he zips straight through the middle of the ring.

On Facebook Mr Emanuele said it was the most challenging stunt he's ever done.

"At that speed and with a background of sky I could not see the flames, so it's like having flown through an iron ring that I could barely see," he wrote.