Woman regains sight after two decades of blindness

  • 08/05/2016
Woman regains sight after two decades of blindness

By Courtney Fraser

Twenty-one years ago, a car crash left Mary Ann Franco with multiple injuries -- including one to her spine that made her lose her sight.

She spent two decades learning how to live without the use of her eyes, but when the 70-year-old woke from neck surgery after a recent fall at her home she was shocked to discover she could see again.

It's a miracle in its own right, but what elevates this story to the next level is the fact that Ms Franco was colour blind before the operation; now she is not.

How it happened is still baffling the experts. Ms Franco's neurosurgeon, Dr John Afshar, says the car accident may have created a kink that restricted blood flow from an artery to her spine and recent surgery may have corrected it.

"When we unkinked it, it could have released the blood flow."

However, Ms Franco says her newfound eyesight is a gift from God.

Whatever the reason, there's no doubt she's simply overjoyed at seeing her loved ones again -- some of whom, like her granddaughter, for the very first time.