6yo calls 911 on dad for running red light

  • 03/06/2016

A six-year-old boy's call to police to dob in his dad has US police in hysterics.

Robbie Richardson says he wants to be a police officer someday, and on Saturday he may have taken his early sense of justice a little too far.

It started when Robbie and his father Mike took a right on red in his mother's new car -- so the boy decided to call the police.

Quincy 911 dispatcher Mike Bowes took the call.

"He tells me, 'hey dad. You just went through a red light'. And I said, 'no Robbie, you can go through that one as long as you stop and there's nobody coming you can go'. He says, 'no you can't that light was red'. So we get into the car wash and he says, 'I'm going to call the police dad.'"

Mr Bowes didn't take it too seriously... Until Robbie said: "My daddy went past a red light and he was in a brand new car, my mommy's car... I looked at my [toy] police car and then I called 9-1-1."

Mr Bowes said "It was interesting listening to him tell me about his father ran the red light in his mother's new car. Then I wanted to check on the father to make sure he's ok cause he ran the light in his mother's new car."

Robbie's father then called the dispatcher to apologise.

Mr Bowes says no harm, no foul.

And now the Richardson family knows Robbie has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Robbie "I told him, the yellow light goes green, that means go. And yellow means slow and red means stop."