72 new emojis approved

  • 22/06/2016
72 new emojis approved

Like to text but hate using words?

If you answered yes, today's announcement of 72 brand new emojis will give you a smiley face.

The new array includes avocados, lizards, peanuts, shopping trolleys, bacon, foxes, eggs, and even Mrs Claus.

But the slow decline of language hasn't accelerated just yet: while the emojis have been approved for use they'll only appear on smartphones after vendors have a chance to make the necessary updates.

"The approval date of Unicode 9.0 doesn't necessarily mean they will be rolled out to end-users on this date...[it is simply the date when] vendors such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are able to start including these [emojis] in public releases," software developers Unicode Consortium said in a statement.

But Fortune magazine has reported that the cute and convenient symbols could actually create confusion. Researchers at the University of Minnesota talked to 344 people in the US who analysed emojis from providers.

The participants were asked what they thought the emojis meant, how to describe them and how they would use them in a virtual conversation.

According to the study, 25 percent of the time people viewing the exact same emoji on the exact same device disagreed about what tone it conveyed. They couldn't even agree if the emoji was positive, negative or neutral.