Australian prison break 'criminally stupid'

  • 01/06/2016

Extraordinary video has emerged of an attempted prison break in New South Wales.

The footage is particularly extraordinary because the escapees seemed to have no chance of getting to freedom, and what's more, they were just days away from release.

It shows two women entering Nowra Prison carpark just after 4am last Tuesday, which is usually a quiet time, so prison officers were immediately suspicious.

"It's literally criminal that somebody could be so stupid. It is wonderful to see at even 4am our Corrections officers being alert," Corrective Services Minister David Elliott said.

Amazingly, the two women then admitted to police they were there to help with an escape, so officers got to work.

They stormed a common room, raiding cells and searching ceilings while the inmates were lined up against the wall.

Officers found ample evidence of an attempted escape, including a series of sheets that had been tied together to form a rope.

Investigators are still working out who was involved in the foiled plot, but two minimum security inmates have now been transferred to maximum security, which could now become their home for a lot longer.

Channel Seven