Bansky gifts painting to students

  • 07/06/2016
Mural outside of Bridge Farm Primary School (Reuters)
Mural outside of Bridge Farm Primary School (Reuters)

Bridge Farm Primary in Bristol recently named one of its buildings after local artist Banksy.

To say thank you, the elusive artist left a surprise present on one of the walls, and a highly valuable art lesson.

At break time at the primary school, kicking the ball with friends was out, and art appreciation was in. The piece was coolly considered and appraised by the children -- a four-metre Banksy original.

The exact meaning of the work -- a girl chasing a burning tyre -- will be left for the art experts, but critics have been unanimous in their acclaim.

"I think it's amazing," says one student.

"It's the greatest," says another.

Bansky gifts painting to students

School children show off their pictures in front of Banksy mural (Reuters)

The Bansky piece was discovered this morning. The school had named a building after the mysterious artist, and wrote to tell him about it. So, along with the art, there was a letter thanking pupils.

"It's always easier to get forgiveness than permission," Banksy advises. "If you don't like the picture, add stuff. I'm sure the teachers won't mind."

But the teachers do mind, and the wall is staying just as it is.

"We were going to paint all that, but this will not be getting painted now, my friend," says site manager Jason Brady.

It will, however, be getting extra security. Banksy's pieces sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have sometimes been cut out of walls and stolen.

For now though, there are plenty of eager eyes keeping watch, and getting some inspiration of their own.

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