Beachgoers pull turtle from ocean, take selfies

  • 24/06/2016
Beachgoers pull turtle from ocean, take selfies

A loggerhead turtle has been injured in Lebanon after people pulled it out of the ocean so they could stand on it and take selfies.

The turtle was found with a head injury last week at Havana beach in the resort area of Rmeileh, and taken to a rehabilitation facility to recover.

According to the Green Area website, witnesses said the sea turtle was severely beaten by a member of the public who waded into the ocean and took the animal onto the beach.

Images from the scene show children standing on the turtle, while others take photos of it.

Animal welfare group Animals Lebanon was contacted following the incident and arranged veterinary care for the turtle.

The turtle has an indentation in its shell that two vets believe came from it being struck recently. They don't know if the injury was suffered during the beach incident.

The turtle is now receiving antibiotics and is in a rehabilitation pool. Its recovery is being monitored and it's hoped the turtle will be able to be released back into the wild.

It isn't the first time an ocean animal has been injured in the pursuit of selfies -- a small dolphin in Buenos Aires died earlier this year after people passed it around for photos.