Court shown knife used in Cairns chilly bin killing


A Queensland court has heard the defence's closing address in the trial of an Australian man accused of murdering and stuffing a New Zealander's dismembered body in a chilly bin.

Hickson told the jury he lived in a world involving crime, drugs and violence. He said he feared for his safety and that Kiwi Campbell Paterson was involved in similar circles.

The father of four's dismembered body was found in a chilly bin in rural bushland in November 2014.

Hickson's laywer Peter Feeney has urged the jury to look beyond the accused's history.

"You know Hickson is what he is and this is what it is -- but it's not murder and it's not manslaughter if you find the defence of self-defence applies," Feeney said.

Feeney told the jury the prosecution has to prove that self-defence does not apply in this case.

"Hickson didn't start it, didn't provoke it. It is lawful for a person to use such force that's reasonable."

The closing address came after Hickson took the stand to give evidence.

Under cross-examination, Hickson admitted he was on methamphetamine when he killed Paterson.

Hickson revealed he was known as an enforcer in the criminal world -- someone who collected money -- and admitted he had hurt people over past debts.

He claimed that he feared being attacked and bought a sawn-off shotgun, knives and a samurai sword to arm himself.

"I put weapons at every door, weapons scattered everywhere really -- knives, guns, bats," he said.

Hickson said he found Paterson at his house. Hickson thought he was in danger when Paterson lunged for a knife.

"I figured I was going to get stabbed and I guess I panicked, and I stabbed him."

The Crown says Australian David Hickson killed Mr Paterson on November 7, cut off his legs and stuffed his dismembered body inside a chilly bin, before dumping it 12 days later.

Hickson has pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming it was self-defence, but guilty to interfering with a dead body.

In a police interview played to the jury, Hickson said he grabbed a hunting knife with a 40cm blade and "just reacted".

The Crown says Paterson was stabbed in the neck with a 'Zombie Slayer' knife. Police never found the knife. The court heard Hickson melted the knife down.

The jury was also shown the large chilly bin used to contain Mr Paterson's dismembered body.

Mr Paterson's family have flown from New Zealand to attend the trial, before Justice James Henry.

The Crown has wrapped up it's case.