Cowboy hero lassos alleged bike thief

Robert Borba, the cowboy hero (CBS)
Robert Borba, the cowboy hero (CBS)

A modern-day cowboy put an end to a potential dastardly criminal's fun using simply his horse, and his lasso.

Robert Borba, known now by some as Lone Ranger, was loading his truck by a Walmart in Eagle Point, Oregon when he witnessed a man apparently stealing a bike.

Mr Borba got his horse Long John out of its trailer, rode the thief down, lassoed him and waited for police to arrive.

"He thought I was going to rip his legs off, so he told me to let him go," says Mr Borba.

"I didn't let him go, because I figured if you stole a bike, you're not very trustworthy. He said 'Let me go and I won't leave until the cops get here'. And I'm like 'I'm not letting you go!' And so I just held him down there tight."

Mr Borba says he grew up competing in rodeos before settling down as a rancher, but still uses rope every day.

"That lone ranger just came out of nowhere. I don't even know how he got on his horse fast enough," says Rob Roque, who witnessed the incident.

"I mean, who gets on their horse at Walmart and chases after somebody and lassoes him other than the Lone Ranger?"

The suspected thief has been identified as 23-year-old Victorino Arellano-Sanchez.