Curry favour: Vets clean up spiced seagull

Before (Vale wildlife hospital)
Before (Vale wildlife hospital)

A Welsh seagull could be in for unwanted attention from its brethren after falling into a vat of chicken tikka masala -- it is no longer orange, but the pungent curry smell remains.

The unlucky bird fell into the vat on Monday looking whilst for a feed, but instead almost became the meal, The Guardian reports.

It also turned the white-and-grey bird a bright shade of orange, but if birds ever showed their emotions it would probably be feeling a bright shade of red.

It was saved by workers at the site and picked up by a volunteer from Vale Wildlife Hospital in Gloucestershire.

Staff were surprised at the sight of the bird, having never seen anything like it before. Veterinary nurse Lucy Kells said it smelled delicious.

"The thing that shocked us the most was the smell. He smelled amazing, he really smelled good," she said.

They didn't need any complicated pieces of equipment to get the bird to its original colour.

Curry favour: Vets clean up spiced seagull

After (Vale Wildlife Hospital)

"He cleaned up surprisingly well at the hospital, we used washing-up liquid a few times," Ms Kells says.

The bird, which has been nicknamed 'Gullfrazie', is now being cared for by the volunteers who are trying to fatten the bird up -- not for a seagull tikka masala, but because it is a bit underweight.

They've been feeding Gullfrazie meat, dog and cat food and fish to get its strength up.

"I guess that's why he was trying to get a piece of meat from the vat and fell in."

The bird will be put in an outdoor aviary so it can re-waterproof its feathers before ultimately being released into the wild.

That process could take some weeks, but the vets don't know how long Gullfrazie will carry the around the smell.