Family join search for Kiwi croc victim


The family of a Kiwi expat attacked by a crocodile has travelled to Queensland to help with the search for her body.

A floral tribute marks the spot where Cindy Waldron was taken by a crocodile and dragged underwater on Sunday night.

She was holidaying in the Daintree National Park to celebrate her friend finishing cancer treatment.

Just hours before the attack, Ms Waldron told her family in New Zealand how much fun she was having.

The 46-year-old's family has travelled from Tauranga to Queensland to help with the search for her body as search teams set crocodile traps in a nearby creek.

"We did find one large crocodile about 1km upstream -- pretty much in the immediate area where the lady was," one searcher said.

The attack has renewed calls for better management of the crocodile population in the area, with Far North Queensland MP Bob Katter wanting tours that target crocodiles.

"What we're proposing is crocodile culling tourist safaris," he said.

Despite those calls, crocodile expert Dan Bamblett says he's concerned that "in the past, there have been a few animals that have paid the price for one animal's deeds".

But for the family of Ms Waldron, they're now forced to pay the ultimate price.