Harrowing recount from survivor of Orlando attack


In the face of the worst mass shooting in US history, incredible tales of survival are surfacing.

Early on Sunday morning (local time), Omar Mateen barricaded himself in gay nightclub 'Pulse' in Orlando and opened fire on those within.

Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 others before he was killed in a shootout with armed police.

Angel Colon was shot numerous times and was eventually dragged to safety by officers, and in a conference with media, he spoke of the harrowing incident and the moment he thought he was going to die.

"Out of nowhere, we just hear a big shotgun. We just stopped what we were doing and then it just keeps going. We [me and a woman] just grabbed each other and started running, and unfortunately I was shot about three times in my leg -- so I had fallen down.

"I tried to get back up, but everyone started running everywhere and I got trampled over and I shattered and broke my bones in my left leg. So by this time, I couldn't get out of there on my own, I just laid there."

Mr Colon says he could hear the screams of people as the firearm discharged time and time again.

"He goes into the other room and I can just hear more shotguns going on. And I thought I was a little safe at this time because it is giving everyone time to tackle him down or get him down. But unfortunately, I hear him come back and he is shooting everyone on the floor making sure that they are dead.

"I was able to peak over, and I can just see him shooting at everyone and I can hear that the shotgun is closer and he shoots the girl next to me. And I am just laying down there thinking that I am next, I am dead."

Mateen then took aim at Mr Colon's head, but missed and struck him in the hand. He then took another shot and struck the hip of Mr Colon.

"I had no reaction, I was just prepared to stay there lying down so that he won't know that I am alive and he is just doing this for another five or ten minutes, just shooting all over the place.

"By this time, he goes up to the front, and I think this is where  he is battling against the cops because I can hear shotguns going off all over the place."

It was only moments after that police entered the nightclub. Mr Colon cannot remember the face or the name of the officer that saved him, but did stress that he was eternally grateful to whoever it was.

"He grabs my hand and says this is the only way that I can take you out. And I say, please carry me because I am in pain right now. So, he starts to drag me out across the street to the Wendys and I am grateful for him but the floor is just covered in glass. He just drops me off across the street and I look across and there are just bodies everywhere."