Has Google Maps released the Kraken?

Is this the Kraken? (Google Maps)
Is this the Kraken? (Google Maps)

Google Maps allows people to explore the world without leaving their computer, including the vast expanse of the ocean, and it seems to have proved ancient tales about a deep-sea monster.

Or is it deception?

Looking in the area around Deception Island near Antarctica, one internet user seems to have spotted a great disturbance in the otherwise still ocean, which they believe could be the mythical creature the Kraken.

The giant squid-like monster has been the subject of fables for generations, having said to have terrorised ships in Norway and Greenland.

If true, the Kraken would straying be far from home, having been spotted at the bottom of the world in satellite images.

In a video posted to YouTube, the question is asked whether it could be a rock formation or the creature. Measurements taken from the image seem to estimate the creature being around 120m long.


It's brought a lot of conspiracy theorists out to play, with some rubbishing the Kraken theory and instead suggesting it could be an extinct plesiosaur -- a marine dinosaur common during the Jurassic Period.