Indian Trump supporters celebrate his birthday

  • 15/06/2016
Donald Trump's India supporters
Donald Trump's India supporters

A small group of Donald Trump fans celebrated the presumptive Republican nominee's birthday with cake and balloons in a New Delhi park on Tuesday (local time).

The 20 or so members of the right-wing Hindu Sena political group cut into a three-tiered cake and held a piece up to a photo of Trump, who they call the "saviour of humanity," while singing Happy Birthday as two members strummed guitars.

The gathering took place under a tent decorated with balloons and posters of Trump, including one showing him wearing a suit and holding a rifle.

Sena leader Vishnu Gupta said they were inspired by Trump's hard talk against Islamic terror.

"When Donald Trump becomes the king of United States, then to a great extent, we will not be scared to speak our minds. When the king of the world himself talks of (eliminating) Islamic terror. And go into Laden's (Osama Bin Laden) home to kill him. Then will he stop us from doing the same (killing Islamic terrorists)," said Vishnu Gupta.

This is the group's second stunt staged for Trump.

Last month, a dozen members lit a ritual fire and asked Hindu gods help Trump win.