Japan goes mining for gold McNugget

The 18-karat nugget is worth about $2900 (McDonald's Japan/YouTube)
The 18-karat nugget is worth about $2900 (McDonald's Japan/YouTube)

Forget the Golden Arches -- McDonald's in Japan wants to give you a golden McNugget.

Worth about $2900, the least-edible item on the chain's menu is being given away as part of a promotion for two new sauces.

The campaign also features a new character, Kaito Nuggets -- Phantom Thief Nuggets, in English.

To be in to win the 18-karat prize, participants have to post on social media with the hashtag#怪盗ナゲッツ whenever they see him out and about.

"He may appear in some of McDonald's restaurants through the country, may throw out a ceremonial first pitch for a professional baseball game, or pay a visit to a prefectural governor making a surprising request entertaining people," McDonald's Japan said in a statement.

Runners-up will get a five-pack of ordinary McNuggets every day for nearly six weeks.