King tide hits storm-ravaged Sydney

  • 07/06/2016

An overnight king tide has damaged more homes at Collaroy on Sydney's North Shore, as New South Wales buckles in severe weather.

So far three people have died and one is missing as a result of wild weather across the state.

An emergency order has been lifted for residents in the Sydney suburb of Narrabeen after flooding, but they are being warned to look out for live power and structural damage the floodwaters may have caused.

Around 25 metres of land was washed away from Collaroy resident Zaza Silk's property as the huge storm hit Australia's east coast. The wave also washed away the entirety of her neighbour's in-ground pool.

State Emergency Services Minister David Elliot is urging people not to take risks.

"If you cannot see a road because of floodwater, you should not try to cross it. I need to remind the community that in times of storm, the weather is unpredictable," he says.

New South Wales' insurance bill is sitting close to $83 million, and is expected to rise over the coming days.