Large-scale mission to return lobster home


One vegan has taken animal rescue one step further, by buying a live-lobster from a grocery store in Ontario and freighting it back to its likely-home in Nova Scotia.

The lobster was alive in the tank, and destined for a dinner plate, when Christine Loughead spotted it.

It weighed on my psyche more and more," she said. "There's this live being who it's not too late to help. He's alive."

Ms Loughead bought it for just over $20, and unsure what to do with it next, turned to Google -- where she discovered the crustacean likely came from Nova Scotia, 1800km away.


She found a vegan Facebook page in the area to see if she could trust someone to release him in the ocean if she shipped him there, and then drove six hours to the nearest post shop that sends live animals.

She spent US$225 to send the lobster all the way to Halifax -- where a woman called Beth Kent was awaiting the arrival.

The lobster was packed in a Styrofoam box with cold packs and wet newspaper, and Ms Kent was relieved to see he was still alive and moving after the nearly-24-hour journey.

Ms Kent found a small cove where she thought he would have better chances and put it in the water.

"All of a sudden, he straightened out and walked over the rocks," she said.