New video from inside Pulse nightclub

  • 17/06/2016

Mobile phone footage has emerged showing Pulse nightclub-goers hiding in the women's bathroom while Omar Mateen was on a shooting rampage nearby.

It shows more than a dozen people squeezed into one toilet stall, sharing a glass of water, and trying to keep each other quiet so they would not be heard by the gunman. Some of them have already been shot.

Miguel Leiva, who took the video on his phone, says they were huddled there for three hours, refusing Mateen's orders to step out.

"During that entire period, officers were rescuing people," swat commander Captain Mark Canty says. "That entire time we were doing things to get people out. We got a lot of people out before that last breach."

The swat team focused on trying to free the people trapped in the bathroom, who had no escape route, and were communicating by text message.

Police successfully breached a wall with a front-end loader. There was a shootout and Mateen was shot dead.

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