News crew saves dog caught in Texas floods

  • 05/06/2016
(Houston Humane Society)
(Houston Humane Society)

A dog chained to a fence amidst extreme flooding in Texas was saved by a news crew travelling through the area.

The state has been hit with torrential rain over the past week, forcing hundreds to evacuate homes and claiming at least 16 lives, including nine soldiers. 

A Houston news crew from KPRC spotted the poor pooch almost drowning near a porch with her head only just above the surface.

The news crew leapt from their boat, freed the dog and took her to safety just in time, before a local sheriff shared his ham sandwich with her.

The canine was then taken to Houston Humane Society (HHS) for recovery, where she was cleaned, fed and vaccinated.

The dog has been named Archer "in honour of KPRC2 Phil Archer who was part of the crew that saved her life", HHS posted to Facebook.

"She's a total sweetheart that loves getting attention. We're giving her plenty of rest and relaxation and over the next few days our clinic will be keeping an eye on her."

HHS asked if anyone would adopt her.