Policemen propose at London Pride parade

  • 26/06/2016
(MetLGBTNetwork / Twitter)
(MetLGBTNetwork / Twitter)

Members of the London Metropolitan Police got right into the spirit of the city's Pride Parade, with not just one but two officers getting down on bended knee amid the celebrations.

Video captured the moment one of them asked his partner to marry him in the midst of Saturday's parade.

The officer broke away from a group of about 100 police taking part in the parade and walked up to where his boyfriend was standing behind a crowd control fence, popping the question to excited screams from onlookers.

He then shared a kiss with his new fiancé before returning to the parade.

He wasn't the only officer to pop the question in honour of marriage equality -- the Met Police's LGBT Twitter account posted a heartwarming image of two other policemen getting engaged, accompanied by the caption: "He said yes too."