Room destruction now all the rage

  • 29/06/2016

Popping up across the US are so-called 'rage rooms', where people can let off steam by smashing anything in reach.

For about $68, a person gets 15 minutes to release their anger. Perhaps surprisingly, women are the biggest users -- mostly teachers and stay-at-home mums.

The No.1 factor that drives people to violence is divorce.

"I can probably spend hundreds of dollars with a therapist, or I can come in here and just annihilate a room," one rage room user said.

Shawn Baker opened her rage room facility -- called 'Tantrums' -- in Houston a year ago after losing her job of 25 years in the oil industry.

Similar businesses have opened across the US and even in Canada and Australia -- however there are concerns that such behaviour could lead to someone reaching a breaking point outside the facility.

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