Stanford sex attacker's sentence cut - reports

Brock Allen Turner
Brock Allen Turner

The 20-year-old man who sexually assaulted a girl behind a rubbish skip at Stanford University has reportedly had three months cut from his half-year prison sentence.

Brock Turner was given what has been perceived by many as a lenient sentence of six months in a county jail and three years' probation -- but multiple media outlets are now reporting that he will be released after serving just three months.

Those reports are based on information found on Santa Clara's Department of Correction website, which displays his release date as September 2 rather than December 2, the date that he would be released should he serve all six months of his jail sentence.

Stanford sex attacker's sentence cut - reports

According to The Los Angeles Times, California inmates typically serve half their sentences as long as they behave well.

Court documents also showed Turner has requested that he be transferred from California and serve his probation in his home state of Ohio.

The probation report from the case also reveals that Turner had been "untruthful" in his account of what happened, telling a far different story in court to the one he had told police on the night of the attack, a year earlier.

Turner told the court that he and the victim had been dancing and kissing at a fraternity party before the incident happened, and defiantly stated that he had been given consent before engaging in sexual contact.

However, much of his account was at odds with what he told police immediately after his arrest. He told the officers he had only just met the victim outside the party and "would not recognise her if I saw her again".

His account in court -- particularly in relation to claims made that the victim responded positively to sexual advances -- also contrasted sharply with statements made by two Swedish cyclists who witnessed the attack, who said the victim was motionless at the time.