Starbucks faces lawsuit for underfilling lattes


A US judge has given the green light to a lawsuit against coffee chain Starbucks, which is accused of consistently underfilling its lattes.

According to USA Today, Judge Thelton Henderson said the plaintiffs Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles may seek damages for false advertising and fraud.

The pair alleges the coffee giant knowingly cheats its customers by serving lattes that are 25 percent too small.

They claim the baristas should be leaving around 0.6cm of free space at the top of each latte they make, and the pitchers used to heat the milk have pre-marked lines which are too low.

It's not the first claim of its kind either. In May, a Chicago woman filed a case against Starbucks over the amount of ice the baristas put in the coffees they make.

A spokesperson at the time said the lawsuit was "without merit" as the customer could always ask for less ice, USA Today reports.