Trump's would-be assassin 'has Asperger's' - father

  • 22/06/2016
Trump's would-be assassin 'has Asperger's' - father

Trump's would-be assassin 'has Asperger's' - father

A man charged with trying to attack Donald Trump with a policeman's gun found it hard to cope with life but did not have political views and was never violent; his father has told British media.

Michael Sandford was arrested after trying to grab a police officer's side arm at a Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

When asked why, he told police: "To shoot and kill Trump," according to US court papers.

"He's never shown any violent tendencies before. He's never been a bad person," his father, Paul Davey, was quoted on Tuesday as saying by the MailOnline website which put Sandford's age as 20.

US prosecutors have said he is 19.

"He's a nice kid and literally wouldn't hurt a fly -- he used to tell us not to use fly spray because he didn't want any flies to die."

The Mirror quoted Davey as saying his son had Asperger's Syndrome and had left school at the age of 15 "because he couldn't cope with it all".

He went to the United States 18 months ago after an American girl he had met returned home, something that had made him "quite down and depressed," Davey said.

"He's been refusing to come back and we were worried about him, we were in contact with the American Embassy ... (but) the American authorities said 'he's over 18 we can't do anything.'"

Davey said someone must have coerced or "radicalised" his son into attacking the presidential candidate.

"He has never mentioned Donald Trump. The reason it is such a shock is because he shows no interest in anything like that ... I doubt he would even know who the president of the United States is."

Sandford lived on his own in Dorking, a commuter town near London, in a flat in a large white house.

A local who knew Sandford's mother, who did not want to be named, told Reuters Sandford had autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

"He was one of those guys who just stays in his room that's it, wouldn't come out," the man said.