UK parliament honours murdered MP Jo Cox


In a move normally reserved for times of war and national crisis, British MPs were recalled to Parliament from recess for a special sitting to pay tribute to murdered UK Labour MP Jo Cox.

The session was held amid claims her death has been politicised in the lead-up to the referendum on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union.

A single white rose of Yorkshire and the red rose of Labour was placed on the bench where Ms Cox used to sit.

MPs wore white roses in their lapels and as they left parliament for a church service, and they applauded and looked up to where her two young children, husband and other family were sitting.

The politicians walked in cross-party groups and pairs to a service at Westminster Abbey.

Around the same time, the man accused of killing her appeared by video link at the Old Bailey.

He spoke only to confirm his name, Thomas Mair. In his previous appearance he'd identified himself as "death to traitors, freedom for Britain".

He's being charged under terrorism protocols to reflect his motives and his next appearance is this Thursday -- referendum day.

The often vitriolic and hate-filled referendum campaign had been suspended to pay respect to Jo Cox and ensure her death wouldn't be politicised.

Nigel Farage has led the anti-immigration arguments to leave the European Union.

He says Leave lost momentum after Ms Cox's death, and that the Remain camp is unfairly linking team Leave to the murder.

Ms Cox was an avid Remain campaigner and proponent of immigration.

The polls are shifting back in favour of staying in EU but it's still very much neck and neck -- and still very political, despite a very personal tragedy.