US town on alert as giant snake roams

  • 30/06/2016
US town on alert as giant snake roams

In a town in Maine in the US there's a search on for a creature that sounds almost mythical.

In Westbrook, a giant serpent is the talk of the town. A police officer said he saw it feasting on a large mammal and believes it's over three metres long.

"One of the officers heard a crashing down in the bushes by the riverbank. He went down to look and saw what he said was a big snake eating a beaver," says Westbrook police Captain Sean Lally.

"He used his cell phone and took some video footage and it's really, you can't really see, it was really dark."

The local subway restaurant has joined the search too writing on its billboard, "Have you seen Wessie the snake?"

Rob Christian from Maine Herpetological Society says it is most likely hiding in a warm dark place digesting its last meal.

Newshub. / CBS