Video: Bear paddles in pool, gets stuck in tree

(CBS News)
(CBS News)

A brown bear caused a stir in a California neighbourhood by taking a refreshing dip in residents' swimming pools before becoming stuck in a tree.

The bear was first spotted in the quiet community at around 10am on Wednesday (local time), beating the growing summer heat by taking a dip in a swimming pool.

Erin Gershik and her husband were both home at the time and had no idea they had a visitor until they saw the news.

When it tired of the water it took to higher places, perching precariously in a pine tree for more than seven hours.

Resident Elizabeth Tucker told CBS News bears are a frequent sighting in the neighbourhood.

"It's always nice when you see something really wild come down," she says.

"I mean it's obviously not their natural area -- we are in their natural area, we've imposed upon them."

The animal eventually returned to the ground on its own and it's believed it has returned to the nearby Angeles National Forest.