Video: Gaza's spiderboy pursues world record

  • 10/06/2016

A young Palestinian boy known as Spiderman, on account of his scarcely believable ability to contort his body into a myriad of shapes, has high hopes of earning a Guiness World Record.

Twelve-year-old Mohammed Al Sheikh weighs just 29kg and is less than four and a half feet tall -- but has been blessed with incredible flexibility and has used his gift to eclipse the record for most full-body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute.

His record attempt is a dizzying watch -- with Mohammed spinning his legs around his torso dozens of times within the 60 seconds while his chest remains pressed to the floor.

His attempt saw him achieve 33 body revolutions -- four more than the previous record -- and he has now submitted the attempt to Guiness for sign-off on his record.

Coach Mohammed Lubbad says his protégé is a special talent -- and insists the youngster is already the best in the world at four separate acrobatic moves.

Earning a total of 14 million votes after making it to the latter stages of Lebanon's Arabs Got Talent, Mohammed has found fame in the Gaza Strip and in the Middle East as a whole.