Video: Kiwi's public pride parade proposal

Video: Kiwi's public pride parade proposal

A pride parade which stopped part of London in the midst of the Brexit fallout will be particularly memorable for one Kiwi, after his police officer boyfriend proposed in front of hundreds of onlookers.

The Met officer was one of around 100 police taking part in the street parade at the weekend, but he broke ranks to get down on one knee and ask Jonathan Sammons to marry him.

Mr Sammons -- a Kiwi living in London -- immediately said yes, to applause and cheers from onlookers.

He told ITV News the very public proposal was a complete surprise.


"Speechless! Amazing! Oh my God, I can't believe he did it."

His partner said he'd been planning to propose "for a while, but not like this".

But it wasn't the only proposal at the parade, and not the only one involving a police officer.

Another couple, both serving officers, also got engaged during the parade. A photo of it was posted on the Met's LGBT network account.