Video: Subway owner fights off knife-wielding intruder

Video: Subway owner fights off knife-wielding intruder

CCTV footage has captured the moment a knife fight broke out between a Sydney shopkeeper and an armed robber.

When Subway store owner Dhaval Shukla spotted a masked man on his CCTV monitor during the lunch shift, he knew something was up.

The attacker jumped the counter and lunged at him with a knife.

"The scuffle went on for eight to ten seconds. Enough for him to realise that I'm up to some serious business as well, I'm not here to scare off," says Mr Shukla.

Mr Shukla fought back with a box cutter.

"I learned a little bit of street fighting in old days as many young people like to do -- kept my arm in front to keep the distance."

Mr Shukla was cut on his arm but said his instincts kicked in.

"I just managed to get hold of it. By the time I get it and turn back he is over me. And I'm pinned against the wall -- the door is shut of course. I had only one way to go which is to march forward."

The attacker grabbed a metal kitchen tool but Mr Shukla hit back with a broom.

The small business owner said he had no choice but to stand his ground.

“The point is where does it stop? Today he storms my business, tomorrow he storms my home -- where does it end?"

For Mr Shukla, it ended when the man fled from the shop, but the attacker remains on the loose.

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