Video: US cops killed knife-wielding man legally

  • 23/06/2016

A grand jury has ruled that three Burnsville police officers were legally justified when they shot and killed a Minnesota man.

Body camera video from all three officers show the incident as it unfolded in the parking lot of a McDonalds near Highway 13 in Burnsville.

Dakota County attorney James Backstrom said officers did everything they could to de-escalate the situation, having made 28 demands for the man to drop the knife he was wielding.

"The officers ultimately made the decision that they were going to taser him with less than lethal force, to gain control over the situation," he explained.

However the man chose to attempt an escape and police shot and killed him, as they were concerned for the safety of themselves and others in the area.

"No officer wants to take someone's life but unfortunately they were in a situation where they didn't have a lot of choices," Mr Backstrom said.

Watch the video.

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