Video: US woman loses $45K engagement ring

  • 17/06/2016

A woman at San Jose's Mineta airport has lost a US$32,000 (NZ$45,400) engagement ring after she left it in the bathroom. Now, she's afraid she'll never see it again, and is pleading for help.

Speaking via Facetime, Libby Dahl recounts the day she lost what she describes as one of her most important possessions.

Ms Dahl went to the women's restroom near the baggage claim in Terminal B. She says the soap was making her ring loose so she set it down. At the same time, that's when she says she got a call from her Uber driver.

"The Uber driver called to say he was there, we need to hurry up, so I just grabbed my bags and ran outside."

By the time Libby realized the ring wasn't on her finger, it was too late.

"No one had turned it in, and when I got there it was gone," said Ms Dahl.

Stan Phillips works at the information desk at Mineta and says he's seen it all when it comes to the lost and found -- but never a ring.

"We fill out the lost and found tag that we attach to the item and we stick it in the box," he says.

"Nobody's turned in her ring yet. Unfortunately, no, that's too bad."

He does say however he sees a lot of honest people who turn in lost items.

"I'm just going to hold on for longer to see if somebody turns it in. I'm still hoping I can have the original back," Ms Dahl says.

Watch the video for the full CBS report.