Woman sold freezer with body inside

Woman sold freezer with body inside

A woman in the US who bought a second-hand freezer was shocked when she opened it and found her neighbour's dead mother inside.

According to WNCN.com, the woman bought the chest freezer for US$30 in May, but didn't get around to opening it straight away due to the seller telling her it was temporarily being used to store items for a church time capsule.

Upon the grisly discovery, which came three weeks after the initial sale, the woman called emergency services to report the death.

"I have a serious problem. My neighbour sold me a deep freezer. I just opened it and there's a body in there I think," she told an emergency services dispatcher.

"I am freaking out!"

The seller had already moved away by this stage, stating she had planned to go live with her mother in West Virginia.

That turned out to not be true when police investigations identified the woman in the freezer as 75-year-old Arma Anne Roush -- the mother of the neighbour.

According to WNCN.com, the mother had lived with the daughter for a number of years but had not been seen since August 2015.

Police are investigating the circumstances around the death and there is a warrant out for the arrest of Marcella Jean Lean from Goldsboro, North Carolina.


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