Would-be assassin arrested at Trump rally

Donald Trump in Las Vegas (Reuters)
Donald Trump in Las Vegas (Reuters)

A man who tried to grab a police officer's gun at a Donald Trump rally at the weekend says he planned to kill the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Michael Steven Sandford, 19, was arrested on Saturday at the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, reports the Associated Press.

He told an officer he wanted to get an autograph from Trump, then tried to grab the officer's gun.

Sandford, who has a UK passport and had lived in the US for 18 months, has since told authorities he had been planning the assassination for a year, and expected to die trying.

He didn't have his own gun, so went to a shooting range on Friday to practise firing a Glock pistol. A staff member confirmed to police they taught him how to use it.

Supporters who went to the rally had to pass through metal detectors manned by Secret Service agents, police and casino security, so taking a weapon in would have been difficult.

Sandford has been charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds.