Zookeepers in a tizzy about Dizzy

  • 23/06/2016
Zookeepers in a tizzy about Dizzy

A monkey which got loose from his cage at the Forest Park Zoo in Massachusetts this week is still on the run.

For a while it appeared workers were close to re-capturing the guenon monkey named Dizzy, but he jumped back into the trees.

In their attempt to get Dizzy back, a zoo worker fired two tranquilizer shots at him, but missed.

News of the monkey's escape spread quickly and people were back in the park trying to get a glimpse of him.

"I'm not afraid of a monkey in the trees. I feel bad for the animal. I hope they're able to find him," says resident Debi Salli.

Dizzy's taste of freedom started on Tuesday (local time) when a maintenance worker got distracted leaving him an opportunity to open the unbolted door.

Zoo workers are doing everything they can to get Dizzy back in his cage, including trying to entice him with food.

"Dizzy loves apricots and so we have placed fresh apricots down there with bananas," says the zoo's business manager Darlene Blaney.

They're hoping Dizzy would eventually get hungry and come back to his cage for food.

As all the drama was unfolding, the zoo remained closed.

Workers were hoping that with less activity around the zoo the better chance Dizzy would come back home.

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