38 foreigners killed in Nice truck attack

  • 20/07/2016
38 foreigners killed in Nice truck attack

Some 38 of the 84 people killed on the sea front in Nice by a truck-driving man as they celebrated Bastille Day on July 14 were foreigners, the French foreign ministry says.

It said the victims came from 19 countries including Algeria, Germany, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the United States, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The ministry on Tuesday said the list of wounded people had not been finalised yet but when including them, the number of countries involved was 29.

Dozens were hurt and 19 people remained on life support five days after the carnage French state prosecutor Francois Molins described as a terrorist act.

Nice is France's second most visited city in France after Paris.