Afghan police targeted in suicide blast

(Reuters / file)
(Reuters / file)

At least 27 police cadets are dead and another 40 have been wounded in a suicide blast carried out by two Taliban members in Afghanistan.

The attack on Thursday (local time) was targeting three buses carrying recently-graduated cadets, on the western outskirts of the capital Kabul.

A police official, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Reuters initial information says there were two suicide bombers, and many people had died.

The current toll is 27, according to an Interior Ministry official.

The incident comes 10 days after an attack on a bus carrying Nepali security guards working for the Canadian embassy in Kabul that killed 14 people.

In April, at least 64 people were killed by a Taliban attack on a security services facility in Kabul in the deadliest bombing of its kind in Afghanistan since 2011. 

Newshub. / Reuters