At a glance: United States police shootings

In 2014 protesters in the US clashed with police (Reuters file)
In 2014 protesters in the US clashed with police (Reuters file)

In the latest in a string of high-profile police shootings of black men in the United States, Philando Castile was shot dead inside his car, right in front of his child and partner.

The incident's aftermath was live streamed on Facebook. It's confronting, and could reignite a race war that has already threatened to explode numerous times over the last few years.

Already, protests in Dallas, Texas, have erupted in violence with three police officers killed and several injured by snipers.

Let's take a look at just a few of the other cases which led to this.

After the two most recent incidents, President Obama said all Americans should be troubled.

He took to Facebook saying everyone should feel the anger, grief and frustration related to these attacks.

"What's clear is that these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents," he wrote. "They are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system.

"In the meantime, all Americans should recognize the anger, frustration, and grief that so many Americans are feeling - feelings that are being expressed in peaceful protests and vigils."