Aus teen still guarded by abusive guards

Aus teen still guarded by abusive guards

Warning: This video contains images some viewers may find disturbing.

There are renewed concerns for the safety of an Australian teenager at the centre of an investigation into abuse at a youth detention centre.

Dylan Voller was filmed wearing a spit hood and tied to a restraint chair at the Don Dale centre in the Northern Territory.

He's since been moved to another prison but the same guards are on duty there.

Voller was repeatedly targeted by guards at Don Dale - the teen was stripped, strapped to a restraint chair and hooded.

Voller was also one of six boys held in isolation cells and tear gassed.

"If this is what they're doing when they know they have the CCTV camera on in the corner, what's going on when the camera's off?" Peter O'Brien, Voller's lawyer, asks.

The footage sparked outrage and prompted the Australian government to act, but there are concerns it doesn't go far enough.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure to broaden the Royal Commission of Inquiry and Indigenous advocates and lawyers claim abuse at youth detention centres is widespread.

"That sort of level of abuse is systemic and it goes right from government down," Mr O'Brien says.

The 18-year-old needs protection from the government now, the lawyer says.

"He has told me he's worried about his safety, he's told me that three of the guards who are guarding him presently - who were on the show that we saw the other night on Four Corners are brutalising him - three of them are there now as prison guards."

Voller is eligible for parole and there are calls for him to be released.

In an open letter to Australians, Voller thanked the public for their support and apologised for the crimes that put him here - robbery and taking drugs.

They're crimes that pale in comparison to the punishment he suffered at the hands of those meant to rehabilitate him.