Australian election waiting game continues

Australian election waiting game continues

The waiting game continues in Australia as the vote count carries on four days after the election.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remains confident the remaining votes will fall his way.

"We are very much on track to form those 76 seats that would be needed to form a majority Government. I think that outcome remains likely," Mr Turnbull said.

Overnight two seats were claimed by Mr Turnbull's coalition. It’s now on 70 seats to Labor’s 67.

 But just in case the vote count doesn’t go his way, Mr Turnbull is personally overseeing negotiations with independents and possible king-makers in case there’s a hung parliament.

 "He’s already been speaking to them and I think the response has been positive,” Liberal Minister Julie Bishop said.

 The Electoral Commission is warning the final result will be some days away.