Dallas shooting survivor praises police courage

  • 11/07/2016

Survivors of Friday's sniper attack that killed five policemen in Dallas have spoken of the bravery of officers under fire.

One woman who survived the attacks has described how, even though police were the main target, officers didn't hesitate to put their own lives in danger to save others.

Shetamia Taylor wasn't wearing a uniform as she isn't a police officer - but she is the mother of four boys caught up in the Dallas shooting.

She was shot in the leg but still managed to jump on top of her teenage son, to shield him from the spray of bullets.

"I felt it when it hit me in the back of my leg," she said.

"My son, Andrew, had turned around to grab me. So I grabbed and tackled him, and pushed him into the street, and I think he hit the car and we ended up in between the car and the curb, and I just laid on top of him."

She described how a line of police officers then came to shield him both, but she's left questioning the gunman's actions.

"It hurts, it really does. I'm frustrated [and] I'm angry. Why would he do that?" she cried.

At a memorial to the officers killed, hundreds of people of all backgrounds have left tributes. President Barack Obama is due to visit on Tuesday - and Ms Taylor believes the nation must unite.

"I want my community to be unified, I want my people to be unified - I want all of us to come together," she said.

Ms Taylor's is a story of courage and hope in a country marred by division.

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