Ex-Australian Idol judge James Mathison takes on Tony Abbott


With less than two days to go until Australian voters head to the polls, candidates are making their final pitches.

The eight-week campaign has tested the patience of voters who have labelled it dull and boring -- but one candidate is bucking the trend.

Former Australian Idol judge James Mathison is a wild card entry, and is being called the most interesting candidate in one of the most dreary elections.

"It was a mixed reaction [when people found out I was in the election] -- people were like, 'Is this a joke?'" he said.

He's taking on former prime minister Tony Abbott in a safe Liberal seat in Sydney's northern beaches.

"[Abbott] has eaten onions, the suppository of all wisdom, the budgie smugglers -- I mean, it goes on and on," Mr Mathison said.

Mathison crowdfunded his campaign -- most of it's online and he drives a cab to get his message out to voters.

But the two men aiming to be the next prime minister are sticking to old school campaigning.

Malcolm Turnbull made his final pitch in Canberra.

"I believe they want parliament to offload the ideology, to end the juvenile theatrics and the 'gotcha' moments, to drop the personality politics," he said.

And Bill Shorten took to the streets in Brisbane.

With Malcolm Turnbull's coalition ahead in the polls, the knives are already out amongst the Labor Party.

It's likely Bill Shorten will face a leadership challenge if he loses on Saturday.