Govt forces cut off Aleppo aid

  • 27/07/2016

The last route in-and-out of the under-siege Syrian city of Aleppo has been cut off by government forces.

Airstrikes have been targeting hospitals and blood banks, severely depleting medical supplies.

It used to be Syria's most populous city but now it is its most desperate. Aleppo is now a vast monument to the futility of Syria's civil war.

Footage released by the Syrian army purports to show Syrian President Assad's soldiers advancing through the city on Tuesday (local time). Residents inside the city say the only road out is now cut off.

Since it began ITV News has been receiving an insight into deteriorating conditions from English teacher Abdulkafi Alhamdo.

Day by day, his dispatches paint an ever bleaker picture.

"This is genocide," he says. "We want to say to all of the world, this is a kind of genocide."

The infants of Syria aren't even safe in hospital. One ward is full of newborns whose lives were started in the dust of a conflict that this weekend saw six of the remaining hospitals in Aleppo hit by airstrikes.

Rebels say there are now just 35 doctors in their half of the city and the UN describes conditions as "medieval".

For one family stranded in this warzone, their empty fridge tells the story of growing food shortages.

"Yesterday we had nothing to eat, we only had stale bread, I swear to God we have nothing to eat," the mother says.

Eleven-year-old Reham says she's been too scared to play outside or to go to school since she was very young.

But there are so many other children for whom this war has taken much more - families plunged into grief every day, amid the horror of the siege of Aleppo.

ITV News