Gower: Former Trump confidante wants accountability

Gower: Former Trump confidante wants accountability

Political operative Corey Lewandowski took Donald Trump to the top of his political game then got fired.

Now he says others on the team should be sacked for the Melania plagiarism incident.

 Asked if someone should be "fired", Lewandowski told Newshub: "Look I think there’s accountability in everything you do right?"

 Mr Lewandowski was fired by Donald trump after being his initial campaign manager.

He was caught up in controversy over allegedly assaulting a journalist, and then an internal power struggle with new campaign manager Paul Manafort.

 Mr Lewandowski said he thought Melania "delivered a great speech".

Asked if Manafort should be held accountable, Mr Lewandowski said: “Hey, I was fired so anything can happen in this life”.