Hillary delivers 'the speech of her life'

Hillary delivers 'the speech of her life'

Hillary Clinton, hoping to become the first female US President in history, has closed the Democratic National Convention with a rousing speech.

In stark contrast to Republican nominee Donald Trump's provocative speech last week, Ms Clinton's was positive, reaffirming and centered on the theme of unity.

Ms Clinton was quick to thank Bernie Sanders, the man who opposed her in the race to become Democratic nominee.

"Your cause is our cause," she told her former rival's his ardent supporters - and they gave her plenty of applause.

Donald Trump was squarely in her sights as Ms Clinton stated: "Don't believe anyone who says I alone can fix it".

"Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart, but we will not build a wall," she said.

Ms Clinton also used the slogan "love trumps hate" and attacked Wall St for its greed in causing "the worst economic crisis of our lifetime."

The Democratic presidential candidate outlined some of her key goals: Fighting climate change, equal pay for women, abortion rights, raising the minimum wage, and providing affordable health care.

In a final barb directed at Mr Trump, she said: "What Donald Trump will never understand is that America is great, because America is good."