Hispanic Americans fear a Trump presidency

  • 20/07/2016
Mexican family separated at the US border (Reuters)
Mexican family separated at the US border (Reuters)

Donald Trump has built his Presidential bid on the ability to stir up populist feelings.

No single speech grabbed more headlines than his vow to build a wall along the Mexican border, to keep out what he called "rapists and drug dealers".

It certainly got him noticed. But it may also have backfired.

The fear of deportation among the 5 and-a-half million undocumented Mexicans is causing a push for naturalisation.

Citizenship applications are up 14 per cent since the Trump candidacy, and citizenship means a vote.

ITV's second in its series exploring the 'Divided States of America', travelled to a city close to the Mexican border, Phoenix, capital of the state of Arizona.

Three people living in the city's Latino and Hispanic communities, in their own words, explain how Donald Trump's rhetoric plays into their fears.