How tequila is driving innovation at Ford


Mixing alcohol with cars is a bad idea - unless you're Ford and looking for ways to make your cars more environmentally friendly.

The motoring giant grabbed a pinch of salt, a slice of lemon, and is now turning tonnes of byproduct from tequila production into car parts.

Here's how:

In the past Ford has also used soybeans in head rests and seat cushions, as well as recycled bottles and rice husks in other car parts.

In fact, the company's been reusing things ever since it first began in the early 1900s, when it used both animal and human manure to power its factories.

But perhaps one of its more questionable moves was using ostrich feathers to buff cars, which got rid of that annoying static electricity.

At least all their ideas haven't been total lemons though, and if Ford can genuinely find ways to make its cars more environmentally friendly, you'd have to raise a glass to their innovation.


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