Huge Christian rally in US hopes to fight terror with prayer

  • 17/07/2016
Together 2016 at Washington DC's National Mall
Together 2016 at Washington DC's National Mall

A Christian rally has taken place at Washington DC's National Mall, hoping to meet recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings with prayer and love.

Together 2016 was meant to address tragedies in the last two months - from the Orlando, Florida shootings to the Dallas police shootings, to the attack in Nice, France.

Attendee Zory Rivera says she won't let her kids watch news of any mass shootings or terrorist attacks.

"I don't want to keep putting fear in their hearts," she says.

But eventually they hear about it. That's why Ms Rivera says she decided to come to the rally.

Together 2016 spokesperson Susan Harris says they started planning a year ago, never expecting these past two months to be filled with the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the police officers in Dallas, Texas.

"In a time in our nation when people are so divided, there's so much pain, there's so much hate and fear, we just really see now, there's a need more than ever to come together," says Ms Harris.

"Of course, because of what's happened recently, safety is number one. The massive line to get into the Together event included bag checks for every bag."

Three men who came from Orlando, Florida for the event said they can't shake the effect the Pulse Night Club massacre has had over people in the town.

"What happened in Orlando is happening everywhere right now, so I think this is a way we can help pray and send a message to the whole nation that we need to get together," one of them said.

"All we can really do is have faith and pray," adds Ms Rivera.

Together 2016 organiser Nick Hall says the event was a once-in-a-generation gathering.

CBS / Newshub.