Lucky water rescue for little raccoon

The raccoon clambers on to the life jacket
The raccoon clambers on to the life jacket

A young raccoon has had a lucky escape after being spotted struggling to stay afloat in a Washington creek.

The crew on board the Delta Blues were still groggy after spending the previous night anchored up to watch Independence Day fireworks.

When someone yelled out they could see a racoon in the water, Dennis Jay told the Washington Post the group didn't believe him. Then they realised the chirping they'd been hearing for hours wasn't birds -- it was the young racoon.

After some debate between the crew, the group decided to throw the racoon a lifejacket on a rope. It worked - the drenched animal swam up and clung on to the jacket, clearly exhausted from hours on the water.

One of the crew then hopped on a dingy and towed the lifejacket to shore, with the raccoon clinging on the entire way.

Jay told the Washington Post that once the job was done, the group went back to drinking Bloody Marys.